Davide Grazioli was born in 1972 in Milan. He lives and works in Udine.

2016 – 2017

Starts to attend the triennial course to become Somatic Experiencing pratictioner

Works for the creation of the personal development courses “I Corti” for adults and kids in cooperation with DOF Consulting and SPC Process Counseling School 

Works in a team of facilitators to conduct the courses

2015 – 2016

Grazioli attends the Process Counseling Master SPC of Triest 

Holds and organizes talks to raise awareness on the social and environmental impact of the textile and fashion industry

Joins the DMAV social art ensemble for the generation of  social awareness paths

2011 – 2015 

He initiates Atelier Awash, made in Italy, low-mileage and organic collection focusing on Menswear

2008 – 2011

Designer and founder of Banuq, ethical, organic and fair trade fashion label supporting local communities in Ethiopia


Workshop “History of incense making” at Naturveda (Pondicherry – India)

Workshop “The traditional and contemporary embroidery in the Chinese community in Vietnam” at Ky Duyen, Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam)


Workshop “Techniques of organic incense making” at Mereville, Auroville (India)


Workshop “Techniques of embroidery in the Indo/Muslim tradition” at Nungambakam Centre, Madras (India)


Workshop “Bronze and aluminium sculpture” with Master Ravindran at Lalit Kala Akademi – Madras (India)

Fashion designer for a collection of hand woven single pieces produced with organic fabrics in cooperation with Prabha Nagarajan (Fashion designer and Director Organic Exchange) – Chennai (India)


Artist in Residence at Lalit Kala Akademi – Madras (India)

Work with the Hoarding Painters team of Master J.P. Krishna, Madras (India)

1998 – 2000

Assistant of the Master Aldo Mondino (Torino, 1938-2006) and travel/exhibition at Lalit Kala Akademi in Calcutta (India)

1991 – 1997

Science of Visual Communication, University IULM, Milan (Italy)

Today aside from his main artistic production, Grazioli continues to focus on social art not only through the themes of his works but also actively taking part to conferences aimed at raising awareness about environmental and social impact of the fashion and textile industry.



“Wake Up”, Galleria Studio Faganel, Gorizia Italy

“The Field Jacket Project”, video installation, Kinemax, Gorizia Italy

“Before We Go”, Premio Terzani c/o Libreria Martincigh, Udine Italy


“Strickereien und Nachhaltigkeit”, Atelier Awash, Berlin


“Ashes to Gold”, Atelier performance exhibition at Atelier Star Berlin (Germany)


“WASTE”, Solo exhibition at Galerie am Michel, Hamburg (Germany)


“Burning Skulls”, performance exhibition at Atelier Strom, Berlin


Inselglück Moabiter Kulturtage – Group Exhibition – Galerie Nord – Berlin (Germany)


“Organic” – Artworld Gallery – Madras (India)

“Before We Go” (site specific installation) – Sundhar Mahal – Madras (India)

“Sanctuary” – NT art gallery – MiArt Anteprima – Milano (Italy)


“1001 Rupees” – NT art gallery – Bologna (Italy)


“Accidental Occidental” – NT art gallery – Bologna (Italy)

“Accidental Occidental” – Raffaello Arte Contemporanea – Palermo (Italy)


“Accidental Occidental” – Inter Nos – Milano


“Il leone di Giuda” – group exhibition – Galleria Piemonte – Torino

“Accidental Occidental” – Lalit Kala Akademi – Madras (India)


“T.R.I.P.” – Private Banking UniCredito Italiano – Milano (Italy)


“Sand” – Cohn & Wolfe – Milano (Italy)